Sugar Bob's Finest Kind

The Original Smoked Maple Syrup


This is the stuff. Sweet Smoky Goodness for the Kitchen and Grill. Use in small amounts in savory dishes, sauces, marinades, and dressings. 

See Rachael Ray in this video making a delicious Maple-Mustard Pork Tenderloin using Sugar Bob's Smoked Maple Syrup! And, her husband, John Cusimano is shown here making a Smoky Old Fashioned!

INGREDIENTS: Grade A Very Dark Maple Syrup that has been smoked. 

NUTRITION FACTS: Serv. Size: 1 Tbsp (15mL), Amount Per Serving: Calories 50, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sodium 0mg (0% DV), Total Carb. 13g (5% DV), Total Sugars 11g, Protein 0g.