Sugar Bob's Recipes

Kale and Parsnip Soup with Smoked Maple Syrup
This kale and parsnip soup recipe is the perfect fall soup. Get creative with toppings and sides, we enjoy this soup with warm bread.
Mexican Street Corn
This street corn recipe is super easy to make on the grill and a side dish that everyone will enjoy!
Watermelon...With A Twist
Just watermelon, but better! This is the perfect plate to share with others or bring to a potluck.
SBF Karats
The Smoked Maple Syrup brings out the natural sweetness of the carrots in this simple yet delicious recipe.
French Toast & Bacon Cocktail
Enjoy the flavor of french toast and bacon in a glass!
Smoked Maple Syrup Toffee
It’s really good as-is, or with pecans stirred in with the vanilla/salt - also can be topped with a layer of melted chocolate/sprinkle of salt and chopped nuts.
Steak in a Cast Iron Pan
With a loaf of French bread, this Smoked Maple Syrup steak can be an amazingly successful one-pan meal.
Amazing Broiled Salmon, Two Ways
The Eight Minute Miracle. This salmon recipe is what makes people buy bottle after bottle of Smoked Maple Syrup.
Goat Cheese Appetizer with Smoked Maple Sriracha
A winning appetizer when you're behind the eight ball for time. Smoked Maple Sriracha Goat Cheese appetizer will wow your guests.
Smoked Maple Glazed Walnuts
Smoked Maple Walnuts - an addictive, delicious snack or salad topper.
Sugar Bob's Quick Dipping Sauce
The kids absolutely love this one for dipping chicken fingers, hot dogs, and for making their burger a little more special.
Maple Whiskey Sour
Maple Syrup for the win with this fresh take on the old classic Whiskey Sour.