Pendulum Bob

Pendulum Bob

Feb 20, 2024

In an exquisite display of art and science, our space proudly features a remarkable large pendulum wave sculpture crafted by the skilled hands of Bob Hausslein, a retired engineer and product developer. Notably, he is the father of the renowned "Sugar Bob" Rob Hausslein, and this intricate piece stands as a testament to Bob's ingenuity and passion for minimalist design.

The genesis of this captivating sculpture lies in Bob's fascination with pendulum waves, sparked some years ago by an online physics demonstration. Instead of merely admiring the physics behind it, Bob took it upon himself to elevate the aesthetics of the traditional pendulum wave by introducing innovative changes. Drawing on his engineering background and creative flair, he embarked on a journey to redefine the form and presentation of these oscillating wonders.

The result of Bob's endeavor is the Migration Model, a stunning representation of the fusion between art and science. What sets this pendulum wave apart is not only its mesmerizing motion but also the thoughtful alteration of the pendulum shapes and their vertical nesting. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Bob has transformed a scientific curiosity into a captivating work of art that transcends the boundaries of traditional pendulum displays.

The Migration Pendulum Wave Design, as seen in our space, showcases the culmination of Bob Hausslein's vision. The careful arrangement and shaping of the pendulums give rise to a harmonious dance, creating an immersive experience for observers. Each swing and sway is a testament to Bob's dedication to refining and perfecting the interplay between physics and aesthetics.

For those intrigued by the Migration Model and eager to delve deeper into Bob's creative process, a wealth of information awaits on his website, The site provides a comprehensive discussion of the Migration Pendulum Wave Design, offering insights into the principles that govern its mesmerizing motion. Additionally, visitors can explore a variety of other pendulum models, each a unique expression of Bob's passion for pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Bob is not looking to sell any of his work at this time, he is placing his focus on major public installations.

As we proudly host this large pendulum wave sculpture in our beautiful space, we invite patrons to immerse themselves in the artistry and innovation that Bob Hausslein brings to the world of pendulum waves. The Migration Model serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity, scientific curiosity, and skilled craftsmanship converge. Bob's legacy, as embodied in this remarkable sculpture, inspires us to appreciate the beauty that can emerge from the marriage of art and science.

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