Boiling Road Show

Boiling Road Show

May 16, 2024

Sugar Bob has been bustling through this winter and spring with his Boiling Road Show, making stops at various locations including Vermont Academy, Sarah Lawrence College, Magic Mountain, Bromley Mountain, and Singletons Store. The heart of the journey has been all about connecting people with their food, the natural world, and each other. Some of the kids he met have grown up in sugarhouses, while others have never even tasted real maple syrup. The core experience replicates stepping into the woods at winter's end and emerging with the magical treat of maple syrup.

During his travels, Sugar Bob also visited the Burr & Burton Academy Farm and Food Studies program at Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home, where they have their mini boiling set-up. Additionally, the Burr & Burton Mountain Campus program routinely visit Sugar Bob's sugarhouse in Landgrove. They delve into discussions about food systems, the science of making maple syrup, business models, local history, sense of place, and swap recipes and ideas. It's truly a wonderful experience for everyone involved, regardless of their background. The students all came away with a newfound appreciation for the magic of maple syrup!

“It was wonderful having Rob visit the Burr and Burton Academy Food Systems class! Students were excited to pick the brain of a maple pro and ask for guidance as they graded their very first batch of syrup. Rob shared parts of his story as a sugarmaker, his perspective in the maple business, and the importance of bringing people together through land and food.” -Nora Hefner

“The reslife department at Sarah Lawrence sponsored the event, with the goal to bring residents together to do something fun and celebrate nearing the end of the semester! So I suggested maple syrup making in honor of spring, and we had a band and pancakes to entertain people as well. We also invited the environmental club, outdoor adventure club, and food and agriculture classes so we could talk more about the science of it all…It was pouring rain during the event so it was fun to bring people together really closely under the tent, and definitely made the event more memorable” -Louisa, Sarah Lawrence student.


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