Dignity Bread

Dignity Bread

Jun 06, 2024

Grace Powers' journey through the world of baking and bread has developed into the creation of Dignity Bread. Here at Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind, we are thrilled to welcome Dignity Bread to Chester!

Originally from Atlanta, Grace draws inspiration from her Southern roots, evident in the flavors, textures, and ingredients of her breads, often blending Southeast and New England food cultures. A Green Mountain College alumna, Grace discovered her passion for sustainable agriculture during her college summers, finding empowerment in the physical labor and deep connection to the land through a fresh perspective.

Grace's culinary journey began in Northwest Michigan, where she assisted a close friend in establishing their family farm. It was there that she discovered the joy of sourdough in a local kitchen, captivated by a chef's powerful storytelling and enthusiasm for the magic of bread baking. Inspired by this chef's passion, Grace cultivated her first sourdough starter, affectionately named "Tobi." Now, seven years old, this wild yeast culture has become the foundation of her daily bread baking.

Grace's journey eventually led her back to New England, where she embarked on a bread apprenticeship at Earth, Sky Time Community Farm & Bakery. Here, her fascination with bread flourished amidst farming, music, and community life. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace found herself baking and selling bread to friends and neighbors throughout the winter while sheltering in place after the farming season. As her bread business quietly grew, Grace had the privilege of meeting and briefly working with Bonnie and her team at Sweet Surrender Bakery in Ludlow, VT. At Sweet Surrender, Grace experienced firsthand what a community-focused bakery looked like, further inspired by Bonnie’s influence and witnessing the vibrant community life within the bakery. The following year, Dignity Bread was born as Grace continued to deepen her appreciation for local food systems and their essential role in community health, food security, and workers' rights.

What has started as a humble kitchen operation has blossomed into a beloved local bread baking endeavor. Dignity Bread embodies Grace's commitment to supporting New England’s growing local grain economy and the hardworking individuals at its core. By sourcing flour from smaller regional mills that use grain from local farmers who prioritize healthy soil ecosystems and quality crops, Grace ensures that Dignity Bread joins many others in breaking the industrial food cycle through locally grown, fresh flour. The result is exceptionally delicious bread.

At Sugar Bob's, visitors can savor Grace's creations, each loaf reflecting her dedication to traditional, natural fermentation and seasonal ingredients folded in to reflect our local environment.

The Chester, a harmonious blend of whole wheat flour from NAGA Bakehouse & Gristmill and All-Purpose Flour from Nitty Gritty Grains, showcases the depth of flavor and nutrition achieved through local, quality ingredients. A standout (Sugar Bob’s favorite) is the Olive loaf, celebrated for its robust flavor profile. The Maple Cinnamon Raisin Loaf, featuring maple sugar chunks from Sugar Bob's maple sugar production, pays sweet homage to Vermont's iconic maple trees.

In addition to these signature loaves, Dignity Bread offers a classic baguette, crafted with a blend of poolish and sourdough for a light, fluffy crumb and satisfying crust, to deliver that quintessential baguette taste.

Exciting developments are on the horizon, with plans for maple pastries and pizza dough, promising new and delicious experiences for visitors when visiting Sugar Bob's Finest Kind in Chester. Stay tuned and follow along with Grace and Dignity, grace@sugarbobs.com for updates. Bread is available Friday afternoons through Sunday at Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind!

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