Sugar Bob's Recipes

Smoked Maple Glazed Walnuts
Smoked Maple Walnuts - an addictive, delicious snack or salad topper.
Sugar Bob's Quick Dipping Sauce
The kids absolutely love this one for dipping chicken fingers, hot dogs, and for making their burger a little more special.
Maple Whiskey Sour
Maple Syrup for the win with this fresh take on the old classic Whiskey Sour.
Smoked Maple Popcorn
Smoked Maple Butter magically transports you from your kitchen to the county fair.
Smoked Maple Syrup Salad Dressing
You will make this dressing time and time again. A simple, easy to make dressing with rich flavor.
Sugar Bob's Smoky Old Fashioned
Simply Smoked Maple Magic. This cocktail adds rich, throw-back feel to cocktail hour.
Smoked Maple Butter
Smoked Maple Butter makes butter even better!